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  1. Does anyone know of a good LED Fog light bulb for a 2018 Escape? I'm looking for something White, not yellow or Blue After some research I found a really good LED bulb for the fog lights. They are "GTR Lighting CSP Mini" They are a 6000K that look very white , nice quality, a quiet cooling fan, fit perfectly and the are easily set for a perfect beam pattern. The pattern is very wide and reaches out well in front of the car. They are a little pricey, but in this case you get what you pay for. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/closeout-bulbs-csp-mini?quantity=1
  2. RJI


    3 Years old and cleans up well. Aftermarket grill insert, Pinstripe and 4 coats of Ceramic polish. Bought it with 32000 miles and less than 3 years old. Had Sync 3 problems and after 4 trips to the dealer it was corrected with new GPS module. Also a few other minor warranty items that the dealer took care of. Replaced the Michelin Latitude tires at 1/2 tread. They howled so bad I thought I had a bad bearing. Replaced with Goodyear Comfort Drive. Extremely quiet, great ride and handles wet roads very well. I replaced the gray grill with a Black aftermarket overlay. It fit perfect and seems like very high quality. Just my choice for color. I added pinstripe at the body line to off set the flat sides Finally I clay barred the car and gave it 4 coats of ceramic polish. It improved the depth look of the pain. Time will tell on how long it last. This is my first Ford in a long time and now that the bugs are worked out, I am very happy with it. I have tried the things like park assist, advance cruise, rain sensitive wipers, lane correction and more, and they work as advertised, but I have turned some off. Gas mileage is not what I think it should be at 18 city and around 25 city. But I do like the power and smoothness. of the 2.0 turbo. I think the stop start with its disconnect switch is a nice feature , except it rarely works. Dealer says that is normal, but I have driven many with it and they work fine. Comfort gets high marks except for the front seat back which has a pillow effect near the top and having a bad disc, it aggravates my back. Right now I an trying different pads to cushion my back.
  3. RJI

    windshield reflection

    Make sure you don't use any gloss coatings like Armor all. Next, Get a dash pad in a dark color like black. It will absorb the reflection and allow much better vision
  4. I recently bought a 2018 Escape Titanium with 32000 miles. The tires were Michelin Latitude. They still had 6 /32 - 7/ 32nds tread with what seemed like a smooth wear pattern. Problem was that they were extremely noisy. I began to think there was a bad wheel or internal drive bearing that went bad. I decided to go with new tires, and after some research went with Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive in the stock size. The difference was amazing. All noise was gone and city driving slap from things like tar strips were nearly eliminated. Road defects were absorbed better than I could have ever imagined. Due to some heavy rain, I was able to check for hydroplaning and wet traction. Both were very good. Dry road handling was very controlled and even when pushed hard, held the road like you would expect from a premium V rated all season tire. I owned an auto repair shop for over 20 years and handled many brands of tires . This new series has impressed me enough to write this and pass on my findings. No it won't be the tire you want for off road or the race track, but if you want an outstanding on road tire, Keep it in mind 235/50/18 Goodyear Assurance QuietDrive 700 treadwear-Traction A Temperature A
  5. RJI

    New Grill

    I never was a fan of the chrome grill and I found this overlay. It seems to be high quality and for me improves the look. I also added a pinstripe. It gives the illusion of being longer and lower. I first tried a black stripe but it didn't have the contrast I wanted so I went with a silver and charcoal and it works pr
  6. Soft reset the system by pressing the power button and fast forward button >> until the screen goes black . Let go and the unit will restart shortly. I am totally disgusted with Fords Sync 3 system because you will be doing the reset quite often. As much as my 2018 Escape Titanium is a nice vehicle I would NEVER had bought it had I known this was an incurable problem that has gone on for years with only a promise of a cure. It should be a recall with a fix or there needs to be a class action suit .
  7. RJI

    Cornering lights

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and looking forward to tinkering with my new toy. Can anyone help me in trying to add the cornering lights to my 2018 Escape Titanium? Looks like the Titanium has cornering lights, just need brighter bulbs LOL