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  1. Soft reset the system by pressing the power button and fast forward button >> until the screen goes black . Let go and the unit will restart shortly. I am totally disgusted with Fords Sync 3 system because you will be doing the reset quite often. As much as my 2018 Escape Titanium is a nice vehicle I would NEVER had bought it had I known this was an incurable problem that has gone on for years with only a promise of a cure. It should be a recall with a fix or there needs to be a class action suit .
  2. RJI

    Cornering lights

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and looking forward to tinkering with my new toy. Can anyone help me in trying to add the cornering lights to my 2018 Escape Titanium? Looks like the Titanium has cornering lights, just need brighter bulbs LOL