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  1. Hello everyone I am a very new Escape Titanium Hybrid (2020) owner. Two months now on only two tanks of gas and nearly 2000 kilometres. Here is my issue. The car is a perfect fit for me but my wife is quite short at 5 ft 0 in. Even with the electric seats as far adjusted for comfort as possible she finds that she must sit far too close to the steering wheel or her driver foot does not fully rest on the accelerator. She has her toe on the pedal but her heel fails to rest upon the floor. My local dealer can offer no suggestions for adjusting or modifying the reach or angle of the accelerator pedal to have her heel rest safely on the floor. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Is there an after market solution such as pedal extenders? Can anyone suggest a reliable pedal extender device? I would welcome suggestions form other Escape artists . Thanks all. Wayne (in BC)