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  1. Knottynuts

    C4DE issue

    Most commonly the torque converter is failing. If you have a scanner you can monitor TCC application, RPM or input speed (Impeller) and output speed (Turbine not Vehicle Speed) and look for "slip" or the difference between the input and output speeds and see if that matches what you are feeling.
  2. Knottynuts

    rear upper shock mount access

    The fasteners they show should be clips that attach to the backside of the panel and snap into the body. There may be about 6-8 of them but you can't see them until the panel is out. Remove anything that is screwed to the panel and anything overlapping the panel and then you literally just pull the panel out.
  3. Knottynuts

    Newbie here

    Do you have AC? If you do (and it works) you can turn the AC on it will force the electric fans to come on. Fuse 25 and 26 (both 40A) are the load fuses , there are three relays in the Battery Junction Box that control them (for different speeds) and fuse 9, [inside under dash] (3A) is the fuse for the control side of the relays. The temperature sensor (two wire) is on the right front of the cylinder head.
  4. Knottynuts

    05 escape 3.0 no take off power, but will get up to speed

    Yes, it definitely wouldn't be a converter; I hate it when people suggest this without looking at all the symptoms as plugged converters will usually have little effect on low end power/rpm and will gradually get worse as rpm/load increases. If engine related, possible causes are MAF or MAP sensors, failing coils/plugs (typically cause a misfire when loaded) or injectors, but may be a mechanical problem that has affected valve timing (may show on a compression/leak down test). However, have you been able to scan the transmission module as it sounds a lot like the transmission is stuck in a high gear such as being in a limp in mode and starting in third gear (like trying to ride a bicycle from a stop in a high gear)?
  5. Knottynuts

    Wiring diagram needed

    The upstream sensor is screwed into the catalytic converter where the exhaust enters it (almost right at the engine) and the downstream O2 is screwed in the the exhaust pipe right after the converter. The exhaust pipe runs down the middle of the vehicle so neither one is on a particular side of the vehicle, one is just more to the front of the car and the other is more towards the rear. The connectors are different though; the upstream is a six wire connector and the downstream is a four wire connector.
  6. Knottynuts

    Wiring diagram needed

    There are only two oxygen sensors, one just before and one after the catalytic converter. How did you disconnect the power to the downstream sensor without actually locating the sensor?
  7. Knottynuts

    2008 Escape Bad Trans

    I think they are similar but I believe there was some upgrade after 2008 and I don't hear of that happening on the 2009-2012 years so much.
  8. Knottynuts

    Wiring diagram needed

    What leads you to think it's an O2 sensor?
  9. Knottynuts

    Wiring diagram needed

    Ah, OK. It looks like the EVAP Purge, Blocking and Vent valves, the Variable Camshaft Solenoids 1 & 2 and both oxygen sensors The connecting wire seems to be a white wire with a brown tracer (1.5L turbo model). Of course the may be a short within the Battery Junction Box where the fuse is located as well.
  10. Knottynuts

    2008 Escape Bad Trans

    The 2008 do have a very common problem with the intermediate band breaking. This is a repair that can be done with the transmission in the vehicle and it's a cheap repair but it very fussy and requires some skill (if you don't do just right you will have to pull the entire transmission out of the vehicle. I've done the repair myself for less than $200 (parts, fluid, etc.) successfully. Do a little research (YouTube and such) and see if the symptoms fit what your experiencing.
  11. Knottynuts

    Wiring diagram needed

    Are you looking for the fuse location or what it supplies power to?
  12. Most common cause is a faulty wheel speed sensor with an intermittent break within the wiring. ABS codes may only be stored during that drive cycle only so you would have to scan the vehicle when a fault occurs BEFORE turning the ignition off! Otherwise you would need to watch the live data for each wheel speed sensor and then you could see which one(s) is (are) dropping out.
  13. Knottynuts

    Dome lights only work in ON mode. 2008 Escape.

    It's basically the fuse panel in the left side of the front passenger floor area. To access the entire unit you would have to take apart some of the center console area.
  14. Knottynuts

    Dome lights only work in ON mode. 2008 Escape.

    Almost definitely. The only thing you could do more is check for the signal right at the SJB from the jam switches input C2280C pin 2,3,14,15,or 16) and check the output to the dome light output (C2280A pin 9) while verifying your connectors/connection is ok. If the inputs/output are ok then there is a wiring problem, possibly to the dome light (and cargo lamp).
  15. Knottynuts

    2012 XLT 3.0L Tow Package Engine?

    I had my first one (bought with only 40K miles) written off when someone rear ended me on a highway. I had a very specific criteria, tan interior, redfire pearl paint, 3.0L, AWD and was able to find another one off craigslist but it took about four months. There are still lots out there and I picked up one recently with only 80K miles. Only other suggestion is get a 2009 to 2012 as there was a big jump in power and gas mileage improvement from 2008 to 2009 but little difference after. They also had several new features added in 2010 but minimal after. One other comment is their factory NAV systems seem to be quite reliable but I didn't have success getting one so I may get a "brick" system (factory Nav/radio with factory amp and all wiring to retain your SYNC and voice control) but they are about $1,400 US.😪 Bottom line, be patient, check the listings often. If you find another that's been babied you could easily go another 10 years... I intend to. 😎