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  1. bonfire79

    2008 Escape Bad Trans

    That's good to know. Thanks!
  2. bonfire79

    2008 Escape Bad Trans

    Is the intermediate band the same on the 2012 year do you know? Thanks I really should have bought the one with the 5-spd.... Doh! Bon
  3. bonfire79

    2014 Transmission Failure

    This seems to be the number 1 problem on these cars. I don't know why Ford will not address this. I believe that, like most new cars, they are designed for obsolescence. Built to fail.... in a short period of time. Bon
  4. bonfire79

    2008 Escape Bad Trans

    Hey dude, you're not alone in this. I just bought a 2012 escape last month with 100,000 miles. The transmission went out 2 days after I bought it in cash 8K :( needless to say I was fairy pissed off as I was stranded on the 295. Anyways, I'm looking at what I need to do. I had read that the transmissions on these were horrible and the number 1 complaint (problem) from buyers, but I didn't think I'd get a crappy one. I'm highly considering doing a manual transmission swap if I can find an 5-spd XLS in a salvage yard somewhere. I have heard of people replacing or repairing their dead auto transmissions and then having the new ones fail too. Maybe its not true, but what do I know, I'm new to the escapes. That having been said, I really like the vehicle itself. Just not the gear box. Bon