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  1. Bruce's Dad

    Newbie here

    Thank you!
  2. Bruce's Dad

    Newbie here

    Hi. I'm Bruce's Dad. I'm new to the forum. Bruce is my 2 year old Mastiff. I bought my 04 Escape 3 weeks ago to haul him and the other dogs around. It has 82K miles on it. I paid $800 for it. Would you believe no rust? in Missouri? 4 cylinder. 4X4. Runs like a champ. A few minor dings, not real dents. Not the prettiest, but it does what I need. I also own a 13 Chevy Volt with 30K miles (which my son let's me drive occasionally), a 13 Prius with 130K (which my daughter stole and took to TX), and a 99 BMW Z3 with 200K. Bruce does not fit in it. So my issue is tonight, while sitting in line at Steak n Shake, the Escape started to overheat (1st time it has done that, but I've never had to sit and idle either). I got her home and started my investigation. No leaks anywhere. Lost less than 1 cup of fluid. Both fans behind the radiator are not running. I have no literature to tell me where to hunt for relays, etc. Who can start me in the right direction? I appreciate the help.