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  1. My Chilton's manual shows fasteners holding the rear trim panel. They don't exist on my car. So, how do I get the panel off to get to the upper shock mount?
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    Hello, Name's Mike. My wife recently gave me her 2011 Escape 2.5 front drive. I got rid of my old chevy van but I still need something to haul stuff around. So I took out the back seat bottoms, flipped the backs down, covered all the back area with a rubber mat now I have a decent wagon. So far I put on a set of 235/70R16s, a trailer hitch, a new switch behind the dash so I have all fan speeds and stuck some wire down the little drain holes so the moonroof doesnt leak. Next up is a new set of shocks on the back. I like this little car. 160+ miles, probably good for another 100. Well I guess I'll head to the forums, check out some shock info.