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  1. I have a 2015 ford escape se 1.6 ecoboost with awd. It has 147,000 miles. Second owner, had it since about 60,000 miles and june of 18. Car has performed flawless. I even tow a small trailer with our dirt bikes a lot. Yesterday,i changed the battery i removed entire airbox and intake duct to get access. It was the orm battery and while it was still working i noticed some slow starting at time and ts summer so i didn't want to get stuck somewhere. Anyway, got everything back together and the dash is flashing an error code and dinging. It say "transmission fault service now". I unhooked battery for an hour, still there. But its only on the dash. My code reader says "no codes" It runs and drives no different. I looked for maybe breaking a line or hose while putting batter back in. The airbox is a tight fit. But i didnt readily ser anything I have tried a couple different transmission reset procedures but non have worked. Any ideas? Thanks, Gerald