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  1. Hi everyone, ... Love my 2013 SEL so far (1800 miles) ... I've been noticing that when in very slow speeds, parking lot, in the driveway,....I can feel the tire/wheel, or something through the floorboard with my feet. Almost as if it's turning on a cam, if that makes sense? Anyone experience this strange feeling? Dont' get me wrong, nothing major, but I'm not sure it seems right, and Googling it has gotten me nowhere...... Thanks in advance, ... Jeff
  2. Hi All, ... New to the forum ...... I know I've probably missed this somewhere, but .......over the weekend, I wanted to leave my keys in the car, and lock it using the keypad on the door pillar. It wouldn't lock, so, what am I doing wrong? I figured I'd ask here before I get a chance to browse my manual later on. Thanks in advance,... Jeff '13 SEL ****** ON EDIT ********* FORGET IT!!! :fool:
  3. simone66

    2013 remote starter

    Yep....the fob has a safety feature... lock once then twice to start. Even if its locked :-) Jeff 13 SEL