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  1. Hello all, Has anyone had an issue with their 2021 escape with a loud ship horn type noise from the rear brakes after sitting overnight and in the cold? This noise is extremely loud and goes away after the car is driven for a short distance. I am aware of a current recall on the rear brakes but that’s only if a brake booster fails and does not address any noise. The car has 3,400 miles on it and I’m planning on visiting the dealer but was wondering did anyone else is experiencing this issue and if so have you been to the dealer and what have they done to fix it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Sleepysam22

    Hood won’t close

    Purchased a brand new 2021 escape se with 3 miles. Upon arriving home I opened the hood to fill windshield washer fluid and upon trying to close the lid it would not latch. Vehicle taken back to dealer where they attempted to adjust the hood latch with no results. Hood latch was then replaced and still hood would not close. Dealer then took vehicle to local body shop who aligned the hood and latch and problem solved.