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  1. The personal data recorded by large companies, such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (we call them GAFA), comprises almost all of our digital activity. They include the content that as users we publish on the internet, that is, blogs, comments, photos and videos, together with our behavior, what we look for, consult or buy, at what price and how we pay Spain Phone Number List. In social networks we also leave valuable data, such as the list of our friends, our location, age, gender, sexual preferences, education, places where we work, etc Spain Phone Number List. If, on the contrary, we fill our profile on social networks with false data, our profile will be complemented through the path of our interests, the sites we navigate and accounts we follow. Finally, and it is Spain Phone Number List the most uncomfortable, we release our official data, financial information and bank account numbers, RFCs, medical records and police records Spain Phone Number List. In Europe, the monetization of all the personal data of a person has a cost of 600 euros and, worldwide, a Facebook profile has a price of 5 dollars Spain Phone Number List. The INAI defines personal data as: “Any information that refers to a natural person who can be identified through them, which can be expressed in numerical, alphabetical, graphic, photographic, acoustic or any other type of name. , surnames, CURP, marital status, place and date of birth, address, telephone number, email, degree of studies, salary, among others ” Spain Phone Number List. E-reputation is a paramount issue nowadays, so much so that there are agencies that specialize in the development of computer programs that analyze reputation over time and optimize the indexing of content in the main search engines. There are also web cleaners, programs that de-index the negative comments of a person or a brand in search engines Spain Phone Number List. The Community Manager is in charge of reputation management on social media.