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    2016 Escape Sync 3

    Yes I did! I actually joined a facebook group I believe it was called Ford Sync 3 or maybe All things sync 3 I am not exactly sure which one it was because I then deleted the group but in that group I got alot of help with it. Someone had posted a link to a site which I am so sorry I no longer have but within a couple of minutes it was up and running so definitely check out those facebook groups. They really helped me out and answered all if my questions.
  2. Just purchased a 2016 Escape with SYNC 3, Software Version: 1.0 Build 15139 I have spent hours trying to update it so I can use apple car play with it.. I have spent hours on the phone with ford.. have tried 3 different usb’s 2.0, and (2) 3.0’s because Ford told me I needed a 3.0. When I couldnt get the update to install because of error messages like the installation has run out of space or does not work with this version, Bad installation file . One or more files could not be installed.. I have tried master resets resetting holding volume and power button down and another way to reset with help from ford locking doors and toggling key, disconnecting battery… Nothing has worked. Took it to Ford garage and they said they only booked me for an hour and couldnt get it to install easily so they charged me 70.00 and wanted me to come back and charge me for 2 hours to see if they can figure out the problem! I dont know if there is something else I can try or if I should just replace the APIM. Everything else in the radio works just cannot do any updates. I would appreciate any advice!!