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  1. Markmurd

    a few questions about my '01 escape

    I bought a high milage 2001 escape xlt 3.0 for the soul purpose of driving it on the beach out here on the wa. coast so i did a few things to it to help it in deep sand and mud...1 1\2 inch leveling and lift kit, 1 inch wheel spacers new suspension all the way around, 16 inch mud and snow tires on the stock wheels and off road lights. I also replaced the valve cover and intake gaskets and replaced the coil packs and spark plugs. As far as actualy modifying the motor to get more hp out of it i dont know i suppose a cold intake wouldnt hurt and guys are modifying ford escorts with the 3.0 wich is basically the same motor
  2. Markmurd

    Escape: Old vs. New

    My 2001 1st gen escape is a little beast. Its more like a side by side atv fully enclosed. Ive done some suspension mods ie. lift kit wheel spacers mud and snow tires and off road lighting
  3. Markmurd


    Bought my escape as a beach beater to run up and down the longbeach wa. peninsula....so far so good
  4. Markmurd

    Evap canister solenoid switch

    So im looking to replace the evap canister solenoid switch and im more than concerned about the prices im seeing out there for this little switch. Does anybody know of an alternate switch that i could use at a lower price ?