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  1. I looked at the door sill sticker(s) and there were a lot of codes and numbers, but I'm unclear as to which one is the paint code. Could anyone help me out? Thanks!
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    Good wheel cleaner?

    Diluted muriatic acid. It's truly a spray, let sit for a few minutes and rinse off, makes wheels look brand new, you don't even need to scrub. I use a pesticide sprayer to spray it on. Just try not to get any on you, it's fairly painful.
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    I'm a professional detailer, and just so you know... it's not wax that makes a car look great, it's polish. The wax goes over the polish, and sometimes it can make it look a little better, but polish is the main thing. Meguire's makes pretty decent stuff; I'd recommend getting some of their polish and then their wax on top of that. I also recommend using something like Dawn dish soap to wash it first; it's very good at stripping all the old wax off so you can start fresh. If you really wanna go full tilt you can clay bar it, that really removes any contaminants. And, as always, you'll see the best results with an orbital polishing wheel. You can pick one up at Harbor Freight for ~$40 and it'd suit your needs just fine. I wouldn't recommend a rotary though; without experience you can burn through the clear and the paint very quickly and easily.
  5. Hey everyone, I just picked up an '06 Escape Limited and I love it so far! I used to drive them fairly frequently at my old job to worksites, but they were the very base models - this one is so much better! It's got 180k miles but you'd never know it - before I bought it it had it's transmission replaced, brakes done, and considering it's age and miles it's in awesome shape and drives wonderfully. I have all the receipts from the previous owner and he had it maintained regularly by professional shops. Every single feature works; this is my first car with working heated seats 😉 First gear is geared so low it' s very punchy at lower speeds, which makes it really fun, much more so than the 4cylinders I was used to. And instead of that spartan base interior, it's actually nice inside! Full leather, sunroof, nice sound system with factory sub, power driver's seat, etc. Here's some pictures. I'm actually a professional detailer so I kind of half-ass wheeled the hood to see the potential, and it turned out pretty well (that's why I included the picture of the hood). I'm excited to see how it looks after a full detail. I'm notorious for modifying my cars, but I'm going to try and leave this one pretty much alone. I'd like to get a roof rack, paint the wheels black, get a new touchscreen head unit... and that's pretty much it. Though I do have some Hella 500s just sitting here... 😏 I do have a few questions though: It says to change the oil, but the oil looks nearly brand new. Is this just an odometer thing? If so, can I reset it? The ABS light is on. It stops really, really well, I don't see any leaks or anything... any ideas on what that could be? The low tire pressure ligjt intermittently comes on and off. Bad sensor maybe? Most concerning is it says to service the 4wd. It has a very new trans... any Idea what that could be? Any input is appreciated, Thanks! Happy to be an Escape owner.