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  1. Todd Martin

    CD4E Removal

    In the process of removing my transmission from my 2007 Escape. Will be using a support bar on the engine. What is the best way to mount this to the engine. Also will be using a hydraulic jack to remove the tranny. Have it on jack stands now. About how high off the ground should it be for good clearance. The hydraulic jack is about 6 inches tall.
  2. Todd Martin

    CD4E removal

    In the process of removing the transmission in my 2007 Escape. Got a couple questions. Will be using an engine support bar. What is the best way to attach this to the engine ? Also will be using an 6 ton hydraulic jack. Any suggestions using one. Also the Escape is on jack stands any ideas about how high it should be for easy tranny removal. The jack is about 6 inches in height when lowered. Any other advice on this rebuild ? Thanks.