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  1. Todd Martin


    Just replaced the solenoid on my 2007 Escape. drives good in town but if you get it up to around 45 to 50 mph it acts like it cuts out and has no pulling power. Came back checked the fluid level and is good. Just really at wits end right now. Only thing I can think of something did not get put back 100% correctly when I rebuilt it. Not looking forward to tearing it down again. When I took it apart to rebuild it only thing major I found was a broken forward clutch hub. Then was replaced with a new one. Of course all the clutches and etc where worn out to be expected. Just need some good advice right now. THANKS . Or if anybody knows somebody I could call and talk to about this let me know.
  2. Todd Martin


    Ok guys, do not want to come across as a jerk. But on all my posts I get several views but no response. What gives. People just don't have any answers or afraid to give out advice anymore. Thought that is what the forum is for.
  3. Todd Martin


    Just rebuilt the CD4E un my 2007 Escape took for a test drive around 45 wont shift and slips came home checked the fluid and it was a qt low. So then my wife drove it still doing the same thing. Plus when backing up she said almost did not want to go in reverse. Feeling very down and frustrated at this time. Looking for advice right now. Could it be that the solenoid is bad. Tempted to drain the fluid and replace it. Should be fairly easy to do. Hope i didnt do something wrong when I rebuilt it. Thanks.
  4. Todd Martin

    Big Trouble.

  5. Todd Martin

    Big Trouble.

    Outer side. crack 2.html crack 2.html
  6. Todd Martin

    Big Trouble.

    Went to install the bell housing on my cd4e transmission. low and behold found a crack in it. Guess I am screwed on this housing. Looks like to me cant be fixed so looking for a new one know. If anybody is swelling one let me know. Or has any suggestions let me know thanks. It is off an 2007 Escape Limited V6 2 wheel drive. crack 1.html
  7. Todd Martin

    What are these parts ?

    Found an exploded view of the CD4E. now I know what they are i am good to go.
  8. Todd Martin

    What are these parts ?

    In the process of rebuilding the CD4E in my 2007 Escape. Found out I had a broken forward clutch cylinder. Looking at all the parts for the life of me cannot identify these 2 parts. If anybody knows what they are would really appreciate the help. Meanwhile will keep on trying find out what they are called and their location when assembled. Thanks.
  9. Todd Martin

    retaining ring question

    Just installed my low/rev clutch piston and spring pack. Question I thought i had all the parts organized but when installing the retaining ring it looks too small to me. Cannot locate any other rings that look close to size. just want to know if this is right.
  10. Todd Martin

    CD4E Removal

    In the process of removing my transmission from my 2007 Escape. Will be using a support bar on the engine. What is the best way to mount this to the engine. Also will be using a hydraulic jack to remove the tranny. Have it on jack stands now. About how high off the ground should it be for good clearance. The hydraulic jack is about 6 inches tall.
  11. Todd Martin

    CD4E removal

    In the process of removing the transmission in my 2007 Escape. Got a couple questions. Will be using an engine support bar. What is the best way to attach this to the engine ? Also will be using an 6 ton hydraulic jack. Any suggestions using one. Also the Escape is on jack stands any ideas about how high it should be for easy tranny removal. The jack is about 6 inches in height when lowered. Any other advice on this rebuild ? Thanks.