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  1. I replaced the speakers on my 2001 Escape SEL with new Kicker units earlier this year. Since the front speakers were replaced with 6x8 components, I mounted the tweeters in the little sail panel in the forward area of the door. My ride had all factory speakers in the doors and with this being a 21 year old vehicle, it was natural that some of the retention parts that hold the door panels in place were very brittle and shattered while trying to put the doors together as well as the sail panels. I have no idea what the specific part number is for these things, but does anyone know of a good supplier for them? Attached is a pic of one of them.
  2. My 2001 Escape SEL has a fairly odd issue: My dash, console, and marker lights have all ceased to work with one caveat: They WILL work if I use the left turn signal, then they all blink. I noticed it one night a few weeks ago when I got into the truck to run an errand after dark. The previous night they worked fine. I did some searching and I saw something that alluded to this being caused by a relay under the hood being out, but it didn't specify which out it could be. Anyone have this issue? If it really is a relay, which one is it? Edit: I recorded a video of the problem last night to better illustrate it.
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    Just wanted to say "hi" to everyone. I have an 01 Escape SEL that I picked up back in March.