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  1. CodyCarl

    Rusty Hood / Aftermarket Hood

    Hey Hey there. My 2016 Escape has some major rust bubblidge on the passenger front corner of the hood. I haven't had a play-around vehicle in a long time, and I like odd stuff, so I plan on modifying this Escape once my wife is done with it. That being said I will be eventually modifying the hood further. I don't have a preference whether I buy steel or fiberglass, I just want to hear about anyone's experience in different brands, quality, steel, or fiberglass, whatnot. If I get the steel, do I immediately grind off that strange bondo-like seal around the edge and re-seal it myself to prevent this from occurring again? Any input welcome, thanks folks.
  2. CodyCarl

    Hood rust.

    I came for the identical issue, so I'm guessing its common. Also guessing there isn't a good solution. I took a Dremel to mine and it looks just as bad on the inside as the outside. It's beginning to travel to the center of the hood under that strange bondo lip. I wonder how the aftermarket fiberglass hoods are for the Escape? Good Luck!