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  1. Troutmeister

    Screen Protectors

    My local dealership recommended screen protectors by Nu Shield for my Escape.
  2. Troutmeister

    Trailer and towing

    Had an aftermarket Curt Class II receiver hitch installed. Installation instructions claimed it would take 15 - 30 minutes. It took a technician, who works on hitches every day, an hour and a half. That did not include the wiring and wiring harness.
  3. Troutmeister

    perimeter alarm

    Went back to the dealership, the salesperson now denies he slammed the door to "test" the perimeter alarm. Another salesperson explained that the alarm is activated with the fob, when the horn toots twice when you press the lock button. Anyone attempting to enter the vehicle and start the car without deactivating the alarm with the fob or not having the proper key would set off the alarm after 20 seconds.
  4. Troutmeister

    perimeter alarm

    I asked my dealer how the perimeter alarm works. The sales person rolled down the window, then slammed the door shut. Nothing happened. Duh. I wish his general manager had been there, I will be going back on Monday to have a more capable person help me with this - just wanting to know how the system works.
  5. Troutmeister

    New 2013 Escape SE 1.6

    Hi all. I'm Michael. I just picked up my 2013 Ford Escape SE in deep impact blue with equipment group 201A (Cargo Management). Got it from my local dealer in eastern Oregon.
  6. Troutmeister

    my 2013 Ford Escape