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  1. I am reaching out to see if any member has found a running board kit that has the correct brackets for a 2020 Hybrid? I believe the front bracket are correct in the kits and the rear will need a special bracket as the lithium battery changes the holes needed to mount a bracket, see image. I have ordered two separate kits online from omacusa that stated kits would fit the hybrid and had to return both kits as rear brackets would not work. Is there any owner out there that had had success to find a kit that had correct bracket? Thanks for your reply.
  2. I am new to this forum, and I am searching on where to buy running boards that will fit a 2020 escape Hybrid? I have ordered some from OMAC that were listed to fit 2020 Hybrid that will not work as the drivers rear side need special bracket due to the lithium battery in the hybrid model. There is a black bar and the holes are specific for a bracket I am reaching out to see if another owner of a 2020 hybrid has found brackets and was able to install running boards? Thanks!!