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  1. Squeaky1953

    Air Fliter

    I use anything but Fram. To each his own. My preferred is NAPA Gold, made by Wix.
  2. Squeaky1953

    Should I replace transfer case oil every 30k miles?

    If the used unit was checked and changed, it's probably ok. However, you might want to check out some videos of older Escapes having the tc oil changed. There have been problems with some. I don't know the history of them, but it could be checked by sticking a wire in it to observe the oil.
  3. Squeaky1953

    2016 Ford escape Titanium reliability

    There are many Escapes on the road w/few, if any problems. As with any auto, if it has been properly maintained it should bring many years of service. Any extended warranty is a crap shoot. Some wouldn't have a car without one. Others never. I prefer to have a cash reserve or savings account for unforeseen problems. An extended warranty is not something I have ever used on anything. My opinion only. If you feel confident that you have a good car, okay. If you will sleep better at night, get one. Peace of mind is priceless.