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  1. I have a 2003 Escape XLT with 2.0l and manual trans. It instantly died while driving. When this happened, it also won't crank, and the code reader won't connect, but gets power. The Theft light came on for a little when it died, but it seems to be working properly, slow blink until key is put in and it goes out. The ignition switch is good. The starter relay does not get a ground from the PCM. The PCM relay gets power, and the wiring running from PCM relay to PCM unit has good continuity. I disconnected the PCM, cleaned the connecter with electrical contact spray, put dielectric grease, cleaned the pcm ground. It started, thought it was fixed, but then after a while it started cutting out, finally died, and same thing where it wouldn't crank, and obd2 reader wouldn't connect. Took connector apart and reinserted it, tried wiggly wires, nothing. After a little while it started, ran to get me home, then died again, with same problems, still won't start. Igntion switch seems to be sending power to relays, and I know it's not clutch switch, as it dies while running, and I'm thinking it's pcm related, as the obd2 quites connecting. On the pcm wiring harness, I have found a wire that always has positive, and wire that always has ground, and the wire coming from the relay is good, but beyond that, I am lost. I can't find a wiring diagram either. I also had the wife hold the key turned while I moved around all the wires and tapped on the connectors, no luck. I've taken apart the large wire connectors cleaned them, grounds I could find, and the truck is pretty solid for the year, most everything looks pretty good. The PCM is a little expensive (plus programming) to just buy one and hope it's the problem. I'm not sure where else to look, though. Thanks for any help.