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  1. Video of the chirping sound - windows down at first and then rolled up. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NZmURwruz4G2zJE849jdIFIJcfmwDvCs/view?usp=sharing
  2. I have a 2013 Escape SEL 1.6. My mechanic installed new front struts and links, rear shocks, and front brakes. When I got it back it was making a cyclic chirping noise that would change pitch when applying the brakes. This noise would not be present when first driving, but start after 5-10 mins of driving. I drove around 45 miles from home and it started making a high pitched squealing/screeching when I made 90 degree turns in either direction. Twice is kicked off my traction control. I took it back to the mechanic suspecting wheel/hub bearing. They found the left front hub bearing was very loose and sloppy. It had not been when they worked on it the week before. They replaced left front hub beating and speed sensor. Drove it home last night and the cyclic chirping was still present after a few minutes of driving. Took it back today and we drove around so they could hear it. They thought possibly gravel dust in brakes. Asked me to drive it for a week and see if it worked itself out, got better or worse, etc. I took it through the car wash and the sound was gone while wet, but then came back once brakes were dry. There is also now a slight metallic brushing sound that I heard at slow speeds when pulling in my drive and braking. There is also a light clunking or knocking when braking that wasn't present before. Any ideas what on earth is causing this? I'm about ready to just go trade this thing in on something new. Also of note, when they did shocks, struts, etc they also changed the serpentine belt and did spark plugs, insulators, and wires.