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  1. Two weeks after delivery the audio failed on my 2023 Escape PHEV. Audio display stuck at 0 so no radio, no navigation voice prompts, no voice activations and no phone. Soft reset did not work. Took it back to dealer. The dealer performed a hard reset and noted the issue had happened before I took deivery and that the reset would probably not last (it did'nt) so a new DSP module was ordered. Of course it's on backorder. May arrive mid October. So if does arrive in mid October and it does fix the issue I will have been without audio for 2 of 3 months of ownership. My questions are..... Is there a non Ford replacement DSP I could get sooner? What would you do? Take the car back to the dealer and ask for a functioning vehicle till mine is fixed? It seems others have had this issue but I'm usure of the number so don't know if it's a big issue or fairly isolated. BTW I'm in Canada.