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  1. KD5NRH

    Ignition key removal

    Have this problem in an 02 Focus. It appears to be happening on the shifter side of the interlock, as often shaking the shifter a few times will get it to let go. Planning to pull the whole shifter out when I get around to doing other major work on the car, (needs a new head after launching the #2 plug enough times there are no threads left, though it's gone a few thousand miles with JB Weld holding the plug in, I know that can't last forever and the next failure might not be so easy to fix) so I'll follow up if I can figure out what exactly is sticking.
  2. KD5NRH

    Keep Alive Power

    Are you still around? Did you ever figure this one out? Sounds like i may have something similar going on with my new-to-me 04. Power locks only work with the key on, making the remote useless. Radio and OBDII port have no power. Overhead interior lights are all dead. Lighter works with the key on. Power port works all the time.