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  1. jobby99

    Ford escape XLS 2009 idle

    You would need to fight the computer since it basically finds the lowest stable point and keeps at that idle RPM. If you have defective idle control valve, it will be 300-400 Rpm too high, so I guess that would work but not what you wanted to hear I am guessing.
  2. I want to replace factory cassette player with newer model that has touch screen made by ford. The part is 2008-2008 Mercury Mariner Am Fm Cd Player Radio Receiver F40SU from eBay. I think it is electrically compatible but the problem would be the radio code thing and programming it to work on my CAN bus. I have Ford Vident Scanner that might be able to program some stuff like keys it does for sure. Anyone try something like this or did you just do aftermarket radio? I have Boss aftermarket radio in there now and it is very low volume for MP3 files and loses its settings periodically. It has CD player that sounds great. That is the high point. FM/AM reception terrible even with all the right adapters. Plenty of CAN bus errors even with CAN bus adapter device designed for aftermarket radio use. Any help would be great. Thanks. I have basic 4 cylinder 2008 Mercury Mariner with whatever wiring comes from factory (used adapters so can undo my aftermarket setup). I got rid of my original aftermarket radio but have the code in my manual which is useless of course. I found this process for retrieving a code to give to dealer to get unlocked whether it is actual code written in manual I have no idea: Any Ford dealer can provide you with this password, all that is required is a unique search code from your radio. The following steps will show you how to find this number: 1. Turn on your Ford Radio 2. Hold down either 1 & 6 or 2 & 6 - this will trigger a sequence on your Radio display 3. Look out for a code starting with either "V" or "M" - this code is required to retrieve your radio code Please be aware that a trip to your local Ford dealer may still be required