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    New 2023 Escape Hybrid software problems

    Not really. The second time it happened, when the audio system was dead, I took it into the dealer. This was something tangible that I thought they could diagnose. However, they kept it at the dealership for about a week, without giving me any updates about it. I finally told them I needed the vehicle back. I drove it back home and parked it in my garage, The next morning it was dead, as I mentioned. After the jump, the sound system worked normally. A few weeks after that incident, the Ford dealership left a message with me that the part needed to fix the sound system had just come in, and they were ready to replace it. However, I felt that that part was no longer needed, since everything was working fine. I never took the car back to be "repaired." Right now I'm resigned to suffer an occasional software glitch which may, if left unattended, lead to a dead battery. One way to reset the system is to disconnect the 12-volt battery and then reconnect it. This should make everything work again. Production of the 2023 Escape was held up for a whole month in March because of a software issue that affected the instrument panel. The engineers were under a lot of pressure to come up with a fix. I wonder if they really had enough time to test everything out before they released the software.
  2. Twice now I have had a dead battery, preceded by weird instrument behavior on my 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid Platinum model. I post this to see whether this is problem is unique to my vehicle. The first time this happened, the connected navigation system showed a GPS icon with a diagonal line through it, and the system no longer indicated my correct location. This continued for a few days, after which I noticed a heavy electrical load on the battery, requiring the motor to stay on. When I turned the car off overnight, the battery was dead. After a jump, every worked fine, including the navigation. The second time this happened, the navigation showed the same GPS icon with a line through it, but it was still able to track my location. However, the sound system was dead. After a few days like this, one night the battery was dead. After jumping it the next morning, everything worked fine, and the sound system came back to life. I suspect some kind of software problem.