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  1. Carguy1981

    Do you guys take your car in the car wash?

    thanks, I took to a do it your self place felt safer but I would rather them do it but it is hard to trust people
  2. Carguy1981

    Rattle in cargo area

    Any idea what it was
  3. Carguy1981

    What kind of oil do you use?

    I always take my care to the dealer and use what ever they give me
  4. I have not had good times with the car wash but I don't like to do it my self Anybody else?
  5. Carguy1981

    Introducing myself

    Welcome to the forum
  6. Carguy1981

    Rattle in cargo area

    could it be woody? LOL
  7. Carguy1981

    Rear Brake Adjustment

    I have never had it done but 35 does not seem that high to me
  8. a few questions, I took it to the dealer for the first time to change the oil and they did their inspection and everything was good. Today I asked my wife to take it in for the oil change and they said that the oil filter housing is worn. #1: Is this part a dealership only or should I get it after market? #2: I have done my oil changes myself, I don't know how to reset it. Is there a how-to on this?
  9. Carguy1981

    First Mods

    Nice tutorial thanks
  10. Carguy1981

    New From NB Canada

    I love Canada the beer is the best
  11. Carguy1981

    sick of the other forum

    I like that I can say how I feel and I feel like I love my escape
  12. Carguy1981

    blis and Cross traffic system error

    Wow thanks never heard of this
  13. Carguy1981

    Auto start

    Why ever few hours?
  14. Carguy1981

    New Ford owner

    Welcome got some photos?
  15. Carguy1981

    Good winter tire

    I like firestone