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  1. kam

    Sheryl Connelly

    Now she has a cool job. Thanks for the share!
  2. kam

    2.7 Liter EcoBoost Performance

    So far they have not been released. Everyone is waiting patiently though.
  3. kam

    Help looking to buy Escape advice

    My brother in law has an 04 AWD drive and his tranfer case went out at 79k miles. It was grinding loudly when it finally wet out. Just check the fluids conditions.
  4. That black and white picture of all the reporters around the Mustang is classic. That would look great blown up on the garage wall!
  5. kam

    New Ford owner

    Must be from the cold country with all those AWD's! North Dakota here so all mine are 4x4 or AWD. Welcome!
  6. kam

    Good winter tire

    What is a good brand to go with? Roads are getting slick fast here!
  7. kam

    Block heater plug in

    I found it sticking out of the lower grille.
  8. I love the headlights on the new Mustang. What do you all like about it?
  9. kam

    Block heater plug in

    Where is the plug in located on the Escape?
  10. kam

    Soundbites: November 2013 Sales

    Ford sales have been moving up for a while now. Very nice!
  11. kam

    Cold clunk

    My transmission will clunk when shifting cold from 1st to 2nd. Is this normal or common?
  12. Cool! Is Ford parts having a cyber Monday sale?