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  1. Had been a MOpar fan forever, since my dad was a Mopar mechanic, but when they took the bailout money & then closed our plant in STL & spent the money in Mexico I went to Ford. First with my SHO now the Escape. My wife had a Dodge Minivan, me a Dodge Stratus R/T, which really was a Mitsubitsi 3000 underneath.
  2. mval

    Tire shine

    If you want a real bright shine that just sprays on & lasts, I use this on both my cars & I show my SHO in local cars shows. http://shop.superiorproducts.com/cover-all-high-gloss-tire-dressing-aerosol/ The best part is you can control the spray so just does tires, it's more of an aerosal, but my fav. MikeV
  3. mval

    2014 Escape Ecoboost

    Only differences I can see, no SEL model & Smoke Glass color & parking lits are LEDs.
  4. mval

    Escape Frosted Glass Owner Roll Call

    big dog: We have that color. I personally wasn't sure when I saw it on-line but in person love it, as I like warm colors. My wife & especially her woman friends love it & compliment her often on it. Too bad Ford discontinued. MikeV
  5. mval

    What is your MPG?

    says on screen 19.5 or so, all around town driving
  6. mval

    new from MO

    Have a '13 Escape single year wonder, SEL with color smoked glass, really aqua. IT's my wife's ride, I have a '10 SHO. Love her Escape, actually kept her away from the KIA like a friend of her's has. But wanted to stay Ford. Have had 5 months, only minuses where floormats, easily solved by gettting some weatherteks & you can't check your tranny fluid unless somebody here knows differently. Actually think Ford made a mistake getting rid of this color. My wifes's friends just love it. Anyway just whated to say hi & look at what people are saying. Unlike Consumer Reports who don't like the Escape, really issue is the My Touch, which is not really an issue for us. MikeV
  7. mval

    New here

    just joined this forum to keep with fellow escape users. belong to a SHO forum for my other car. have a one year wonder 2013 sel in smoked glass, really a sort of turquoise, with the 2.0L turbo. the SHO group has a few escape people but they want to mod the engine & i'm not into that, although have done lots of mods to my SHO. This is my wife's car. Have had it for 5 months & love it except for a couple things, first & easily corrected, the floormats. Got some weathertech ones. The regular ones were too small & got dirty easily. 2nd issue is no way to check tranny fluid except take it back to the dealer, unless somebody on this forum knows a way. I succeeded in keeping her out of a Kia, so twice have paid Ford back for not taking any bailout money from us. Mike V
  8. mval