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  1. It's programed through the computer and the dealer has to do it. When I had my 2012 escape DRL lights turned on they charged me $100.00
  2. butchieee

    installing LED lamps in turn signals

    Yep Load resistors are the only thing
  3. butchieee

    Daytime Running Lights

    They can be turned on by the dealership thru software and some dealers do it for nothing and some charge up to $100.00.
  4. butchieee

    Active Park Assist 2012 Escape

    Thanks but that didn't help but I did finally find it. It's just below the heated seat buttons.
  5. butchieee

    Active Park Assist 2012 Escape

    Can someone tell me where the Active Park Assist Switch is on a 2012 Escape Limited. Just bought this car and for the life of me I can't seem to locate the switch. This SUV has way too many features.Maybe a picture of where it is. Tried google but not luck and the manual isn't much help.They just tell you to push it.Thanks