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    Rear Hatch/Liftgate won't unlock

    Hi everyone. We have an '02 Escape 3.0L, 4x4, and we've always had an exhaust leak that makes the car sound like it has a straight pipe (another topic for another day) but recently it has been have an issue with the rear hatch/liftgate. A week or so ago my fiance went to unlock the car and the back hatch wouldnt unlock... That was at walmart, when she left her friends house an hour or so later, it worked. Today, i messed with it and found when pressing the 'unlock' button on the keyfob, i didn't hear any noise from the back hatch. It's like a fuse blew that doesn't let power get back to the hatch, but i though that it would be mechanical. Anyone else ever have this kind of issue or have any advice for us? Thanks a bunch.