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    Hello, my name is Dewey Foulk. My wife and I have a 2013 Escape Titanium with the 2.0 Ecoboost. We bought it new about 1.5 years ago and have been pleased with it so far. This vehicle certainly handles better than the 2008 Escape we used to have and is actually fun to drive. The electric power steering is much better than the numb steering on the 2008. I made one change, replacing the 19 inch wheels and 235/35 tires with 17s and 235/55 tires after curbing the 19s. I wanted tires with enough sidewall height to avoid curbing the wheels. I think 19 inch wheels and 35 series sidewalls on tires that are not slightly wider than the wheels is a bad idea on an SUV that we use for everything, good weather and bad. My wife drives it most of the time. I have a 2012 Focus Titanium with the handling package that I use when we are not together. In addition to those already mentioned, I have owned several Fords beginning with a used 1976 Capri I bought in the late 70s I installed Bilsteins, a Weber carburetor, and headers on it. I continued my Ford habit with a new 1988 Escort GT, then moved on to Foci including a 2002 SVTand a 2007 ST. We also had two 2000s, a ZX3 for me and a ZTS for my wife. I was a pretty hardcore autocrosser starting in the 1970s and really enjoyed racing the Escort GT after I modified it for the then new ST class. I carried on the ST class tradition with the SVT and ST but have pretty much retired from Solo now. I have been a member of Focaljet for about ten years now. Now I am looking forward to meeting new friends on this forum. Dewey