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  1. akirby

    Oil change questions-please help!

    First, there is no such thing as break in oil and no real reason to change it early. Modern engines are pretty clean from the factory. You'll need a torx bit to remove the cover. After that it's just like any other oil change. I would wait and get the motorcraft filters. You can mail order them in bulk if you can't get them locally. All of the local auto parts stores here carry motorcraft filters now - no need to go to the dealer. And you will need 5.7 quarts - the owners manual is always the best source. And make sure it's the right oil - should be motorcraft 5w-30 synthetic blend or have the same specs (or whatever the manual calls for. Pretty sure that's what all of the ecoboost engines use.) I haven't changed the oil yet in the wife's escape. She only has 4K miles in 8 months.
  2. akirby

    2009 6 cylinder escape need power

    2015 2.0L ecoboost?
  3. akirby

    rear axle noise while coasting

    Sounds like the differential. A good shop should be able to isolate the noise with chassis ears.
  4. akirby

    lighter package 2011 excape

    If it comes with the female socket and a wire connector then I would guess it replaces one of the power points but that's just a guess. Can you post a picture?
  5. akirby

    2009 Escape stock stereo specs

    Probably so low you don't have to worry about it. I'd guess 10 or 20 watts max. Just get a set of 5x7/6x8 speakers from Crutchfield. They have several in the $50-$60 pair range that will fit.
  6. akirby

    ac not cooling

    Not sure what you mean.....
  7. akirby


    I would replace the hoses and thermostat just to be safe. Next guess would be the water pump. If the no start only happens when it's overheated I would fix the overheat problem first.
  8. Maybe those folks who refuse to open the owner's manual will watch the videos. But I doubt it.
  9. akirby

    Recommend tires for my 2009 xlt

    If you're happy with the Lats then I wouldn't change. Too many unknowns with a new tire unless you're looking to save a lot of money and go with a much cheaper one. Hard to beat Michelins IMO - you get what you pay for.
  10. Turns off the parking sensors. It's all explained in the owners manual. You really should read through it at least once. You can get online versions from motorcraftservice.com.
  11. akirby

    Do you guys take your car in the car wash?

    Same here. The one I use has long cloth strips -never had a scratch.
  12. akirby

    How to remove rear headrests

    See if there is a pinhole on the base where the post enters the seat. If so put a paper clip in it and it will release the post so you can pull it out. Some vehicles require you to remove the back seat.
  13. akirby

    akirby's 2014 Titanium

    2014 Titanium