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  1. Escapeism

    Oil change questions-please help!

    Actually, you have is all wrong. The correct weight per my manual is 5w-20 for the 2.5 and 1.6. My 2.0 takes 5w-30.
  2. Escapeism

    Wheel locks

    Well, after seeing the price of my Titanium's rims, I might want to consider wheels locks myself.
  3. Escapeism

    Before you had your Escape Ecoboost, what did you have?

    2001 Toyota Rav4 5-speed manual. Still have it @ 205,000 miles on it, All original including the clutch. Would have bought another manual but the CX-5 and VW don't come with any option packages. Subaru manuals actually come pretty loaded. But my wife said "you don't look like a Subaru person" whatever that means. Of course foreign markets can get manuals, first time in my life I have driven a non-manual.
  4. I don't know, but I can't wait for the shop manuals to come out.
  5. Escapeism

    Ginger Ale Titanium

    My new girlfriend!