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  1. alyse1413167689

    What should I get?

    I could see that making a big difference.
  2. alyse1413167689

    Recommended psi?

    What psi does Ford recommend?
  3. alyse1413167689

    Potential for Open-Source Car Customization Showcased on Ford Mustang Using OpenXC Platform

    Something useful from the gamers finally!!
  4. alyse1413167689

    Cooled seats worth it?

    I can usually never feel the "cooling" but I do feel air blowing through.
  5. alyse1413167689

    Good wheel cleaner?

    What's a good wheel cleaner? My wheels are full of brake dust and I think it may be hard to get off. Or will car wash soap and water do the trick?
  6. alyse1413167689

    Titanium remote start

    That's good news that it has remote start. Certainly a plus in cold country.
  7. alyse1413167689

    Anyone have Oil Smell in Cabin?

    I can't stand the burnt oil smell. It gives me terrible headaches. Hopefully you get it figured out soon.
  8. alyse1413167689

    150th Anniversary of Henry Ford’s Birth Celebrated Around the World

    That is great that Ford is encouraging young people to expand their horizon's and possibilities. Ford is a stand up company.
  9. alyse1413167689

    Ford eNews – July 24, 2013

    Even in India?! That's so cool that Ford is becoming such a global leader.
  10. Our State Patrol uses SHO's and I noticed the other day that they have back up sensors. That's really cool because cop cars usually have bare bone basics.
  11. alyse1413167689

    Ford Announces Senior Leadership Team Changes

    Looks like Ford is planning for a better future. That's great news!
  12. alyse1413167689

    Wolfgang Booms mit neuer Verantwortung bei Ford Europa

    I wish I understood German!! Thanks for the share though!
  13. 13% is a massive jump for only 1 years time. Ford is really becoming a global car company.
  14. alyse1413167689

    What should I get?

    Wow I wish I had a car that could get 40mpg!
  15. alyse1413167689

    Ford eNews – June 26, 2013

    I love that Ford has overcome the bad economy and becoming a global powerhouse. That's great to see with an American company. Great products = great success.