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  1. NakedDave

    GROM Audio adapter

    I've recently done some upgrades on my Mazda Tribute which is of course the same vehicle as the escape. I live in Philadelphia, I park a LOT so I installed an aftermarket mirror with autodim and temp/direction which looks EXACTLY like the factory one, but this has a display in it which hooks to the backup cam I installed. I'm looking into getting a GROM audio hookup for the stereo. They apparently make one which hooks to the factory stereo at the XM/SAT port (mine has the button but no sat, I don't like XM/Sirius anyway) and you get a USB port and the ability to hook an ipod adapter or a bluetooth dongle to it which can control the audio on your PHONE via the FACTORY RADIO. Just curious if anyone has used the system.
  2. NakedDave

    2006 Escape Hybrid

    I dunno man I work on the things all the time with no problems. Did you keep up with the regular maintenance? I know they had a battery problem at one point and replaced all the little links in the main battery, I believe that was making the engine run more than usual. Let me know I'd love to keep an eye out for that. Personally I fix cars for a living, one of the main reasons I bought my 08 Mazda Tribute (same exact thing as the excape) but it;s a regular 3.0L V6. The newer hybrid fords are very well designed in fact they are as good or better than Toyota and they are phenomenal.
  3. Just got my 08 Mazda Tribute, I know but it;s the same thing as the escape! Last couple mornings have had the initial start attempt begin with an extended crank but no start. Back the key up, do it again and boom starts right up. Last couple mornings have been pretty cold I kind of suspect the IAC valve to be sticking or something. It's minor. I was just wondering if anyone else has run into this. I just have not had the time to check the thing out (too busing fixing OTHER peoples cars for a living and I just got the thing a couple of days ago). She has about 41000 miles, 3.0 L 4WD basically same trim as the top of the line escape of the mercury mariner premier. Cheers!
  4. NakedDave

    Oil Drain Plug Torque?

    Actual torque I don't know off the top of my head, but just tighter than snug. You are not holding anything together, just holding the plug in. Probably like 15 pound feet. I'm an auto mechanic, I don't think I have ever torqued a drain plug tho.. just keep in mind all you need to do is keep the plug from getting loose don't go all manly on it or you will probably just wreck the threads on the bolt, but you could strip out the pan and have to helicoil it.