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  1. ngzcaz

    Real world 2013 Ford Escape Gas Mileage Thread

    We do country and Interstate driving, maybe 10 to 15 percent city driving. Can't do 60 mph in I80, get run over in a hurry. At 72mph I got a tick over 30... In NePa its up and down hills constantly so its tough to get a true reading depending which direction you are going. Right now the current tank is giving me around 27mpg.. I try to drive for mileage whenever possible. It's the 1.6 with FWD, mileage 52K
  2. ngzcaz

    Moldy smell coming and test from my air vents

    Where exactly is this mold ? On the seats, carpet, etc etc.. since we don't know that, a normal first response would be the cabin air filter. I'd certainly check there as an inexpensive choice. They should be changed on a regular basis anyway even if that's not your issue.
  3. ngzcaz

    2007 trans replacement

    As noted in the first post, vehicle was purchased a few years ago at 33K, no towing, fluids changed at 50K. At 82K trans fluid was still nice and red when the 2/4 bands went out. I believe some folks were trying for a recall on the trans since there was so many of them that failed. Apparently this was going on for a few different years with the auto trans.
  4. Bought a 2007 escape AWD a few years ago w/33K on it. At 82K the 2/4 bands went out suddenly, no warning whatsoever, tranny fluid nice and red. Researched a bit and found this to be an alarmingly common problem. I replaced it w/ a 3 year, 75K guarantee trans.. here's the question. Are all these cars failing with less than 100k on the clock ? I must admit, I've had many cars w/ well over 100k and never had a problem with any. Obviously this was a big ticket item and the replacement had " updates " whatever that means. Not exactly installed a sense of confidence in this car although for us its just the right size, AWD works OK ( not as good as my old 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but acceptable ) gas mileage is Ok at 24 mpg w/ the 3.0 engine and decent power. One reason for buying it was the timing chain instead of a belt. Never though of the trans as an issue. Any real world experience concerning failures or better yet non failures would be welcomed.