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  1. I'm checking out these very nice 18" Ford OEM wheels from third generation Escapes, and I'm wondering if they will fit on my '12 Limited? Bolt pattern appears to be the same, if I'm reading it correctly. Does anyone know if those wheels will fit the 2nd generation models?
  2. Prairie360

    Sal's 2012 Ford Escape

    Just bought this super-clean, low mileage Escape Limited. Pictures taken prior to some upgrades, like the installation of a Curt Class III hitch receiver.
  3. Prairie360

    Hello Fellow Escape Owners!

    The Thunderbird's official color designation is Colordo Red, which is a fire engine red. And yes I'd love to see the name plate come back as well. When I bought my Escape I was specifically looking for 3rd generation and took several months to find it.
  4. Prairie360

    Hello Fellow Escape Owners!

    My name is Sal, and I've just purchased a very low milage, very well maintained, 2012 Escape Limited. Searched for a few months for it, as I was looking for a specific model, interior and exterior color scheme and specific options. That search took me to a Ford dealer just outside Princeton NJ, where I found my car apparently just off a lease. I've had some minor paint work done as part of my restoration and an addition of a Curt 2" trailer hitch, although there are no plans to tow anything. Bike carrier, pretty much. After a day in my In-Law's garage and the same Meguiar's detailing products I use on my 2002 Ford Thunderbird garage queen, I'm very happy with my Escape.