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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone, I just picked up an '06 Escape Limited and I love it so far! I used to drive them fairly frequently at my old job to worksites, but they were the very base models - this one is so much better! It's got 180k miles but you'd never know it - before I bought it it had it's transmission replaced, brakes done, and considering it's age and miles it's in awesome shape and drives wonderfully. I have all the receipts from the previous owner and he had it maintained regularly by professional shops. Every single feature works; this is my first car with working heated seats 😉 First gear is geared so low it' s very punchy at lower speeds, which makes it really fun, much more so than the 4cylinders I was used to. And instead of that spartan base interior, it's actually nice inside! Full leather, sunroof, nice sound system with factory sub, power driver's seat, etc. Here's some pictures. I'm actually a professional detailer so I kind of half-ass wheeled the hood to see the potential, and it turned out pretty well (that's why I included the picture of the hood). I'm excited to see how it looks after a full detail. I'm notorious for modifying my cars, but I'm going to try and leave this one pretty much alone. I'd like to get a roof rack, paint the wheels black, get a new touchscreen head unit... and that's pretty much it. Though I do have some Hella 500s just sitting here... 😏 I do have a few questions though: It says to change the oil, but the oil looks nearly brand new. Is this just an odometer thing? If so, can I reset it? The ABS light is on. It stops really, really well, I don't see any leaks or anything... any ideas on what that could be? The low tire pressure ligjt intermittently comes on and off. Bad sensor maybe? Most concerning is it says to service the 4wd. It has a very new trans... any Idea what that could be? Any input is appreciated, Thanks! Happy to be an Escape owner.
  2. Hello members! I'm looking to add a LOC to my radio. so I can add a amp. My problem is I have no diagram to reference. google has been no help after searching for hours. Can only find ones for 2013 and lower. when I pull the radio none of these wires are matching up to 2013 or any other diagram I can find. I need to locate: 12v constant Ground ( I will find a ground my self) Rear right +/- Rear left +/- Thanks for any help you might have! 😀
  3. I got a “Deep Sleep mode” message from Ford Pass (even though the car’s been garaged for only a week). No prob, it started right up. My question is, can I force it into Deep Sleep when I know I won’t be using it for a couple of weeks? Thx, -brawk
  4. Hi Guys, I just purchased a 2007 ford explorer that runs great and has no rust! The only thing it needed that I knew going into this was new wheel bearings. I've been on rock auto and there are a few choices. Motorcraft, SKF and TIMKEN. I just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions on what I should choose? I heard TIMKEN is made in America but SKF is not so id just like a little help! Thanks again!
  5. Hi All, I hope I'm doing this correctly? It's my first post after years of viewing other posts! :-) I have a 2001 V6 Ford Escape, which is on close to its last legs. She's a complete dog, if I'm being honest - 200,000 miles on the clock! But due to financial constraints, I keep it running doing usually my own mechanical work, rather than upgrading to a more reliable newer car. Currently, it's making a weird sound, that I hoped someone might know something about?? The car makes a weird, fairly loud groaning/creaking kind of sound whenever I turn left (it's not a full lock hard left turn thing - it does it even on half a turn, if the speed is about between say 10 and 25 miles an hour). There are quite a few undiagnosed oil leaks around the engine, if that makes a difference to the below points? Some details: It only makes this creaking noise under load - ie when accelerating a little bit round or through a corner, at a minimum of say 10 mph speed The noise STOPS IMMEDIATELY if I keep the accelerator down but knock the column auto stickshift into "neutral" - in other words, if the revs are still up but the gearbox is instantly taken out of the equation, the sound instantly disappears It does it quite a bit more when the car is warmed up than when it's cold It ONLY does it turning left - NEVER right The car needs to be cornering under a little load - 2 miles an hour won't replicate it, but around 10 and up will. It doesn't occur at all if I am stopped and just spin the steering wheel full lock in either direction - it only does it when I'm driving forward AND when the gearbox is engaged in drive or other gears. So it seems not to be a steering box issue, as that works fine when stopped and just spinning the steering wheel - no groans. It does it in all the auto gears, not just drive. It sounds like creaking shockies/suspension, but due to the fact that it ONLY does it when the gearbox is engaged, it must be gearbox related, do you think? When I knock it all of a sudden into neutral under slight accelerator load, the noise instantly disappears. Any advice at all would be very much appreciated, thank you, from Australia! StuMur
  6. Autosistant

    Hello from Autosistant!

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to post and be a part of the forum. My company helps busy people buy and sell their car. Sort of personal shopper meets real estate agent that's all about the automobile! I just posted over in the classifieds a great example of an Escape! I read the notice that recommended I introduce myself as well. Thank you kindly for the opportunity to post in your forum. http://fordescapeforum.com/topic/3376-2010-ford-escape-xltmoon-roofbluetoothnew-tireslow-miles-10499-billerica-ma/ Ford - Go Further Andy President Autosistant, LLC
  7. Hello everyone on FordEscapeForum.com! Thank you for the opportunity to post this vehicle to your forum. Enjoy! We are selling my grandfather’s black 2010 Ford Escape XLT because he no longer needs it. He’s had the vehicle for approximately two years and it’s been well taken care of which included parking it under a porte-cochère. It has approximately 67,200 miles. There is typical wear and tear with the exterior finishes and interior materials with respect to its age/mileage. It sits on healthy tires that were only driven approximately 15,000 miles since new and they’re ready for the summer! It is well equipped including power windows, power door locks, keyless entry, CD player, Bluetooth phone/audio, Ford SYNC, moon roof, cruise control, alloy wheels, 2.5L I-4 cylinder engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, vanity mirrors, power driver’s seat, integrated side steps, WeatherTech® DigitalFit® FloorLiner™ for both the first and second rows, WeatherTech® Cargo/Trunk Liner, electronic stability control, electronic traction control, etc. It gets excellent fuel mileage and is considered a safe vehicle with ABS and multiple airbags. There’s plenty of room for cargo, friends and family! We just completed a fresh oil change before listing it for sale. It runs excellent, shifts smoothly, has great performance and rides well. We also have all of the vehicle’s service history since purchase for review. It was always serviced at a local Ford dealership. It’s a truly fun Ford that will service many more miles and years to come. We also had the vehicle inspected by a third party company from Autosistant (see report and photos). We are asking for $9,999 or best reasonable offer. Buy privately from us and save hundreds of dollars from not shopping at a dealership. Call or text Andy (anytime – 24/7) at (978) 375-5544 or e-mail andy@autosistant.com with any questions. Please, serious inquires only. Thank you for looking. Autosistant Pics – https://goo.gl/eIUJ2l Autosistant Insp Rpt – https://goo.gl/wXHGOm Autosistant Vehicle History Investigation – https://goo.gl/DXF0TK Monroney Window Sticker – https://goo.gl/yr5aGV Andy President Autosistant, LLC 7259AB03-20160409-Ford_Window_Sticker.pdf 7259AB03-20160422-VHI_v1.pdf 7259AB03-20160421-Insp_Rpt_v1.pdf
  8. Cahendo23

    Screeching noise

    I have a 2001 Ford Escape V6 Engine. I recently noticed my engine is really loud when I drive it. I ran codes and the only codes I received were about cylinders misfiring, which is a whole other issue. The engine is making a screeching noise. I removed the serpentine belt and noise goes away, but the belt is in good condition. I spun the alternator, A/C compressor, tensioner and that middle pulley by hand and they’re all smooth. Any ideas??
  9. Stella

    FWD vs AWD

    I'm in the market for a 2013 Escape. Live in KC MO. what are your thoughts on FWD vs AWD for our unpredictable winters? I'm set on AWD, however, not sure if I can afford it. Would I be better off buying an S model with AWD or an SE model with FWD? thanks for your input!
  10. mcconkml

    Blower blowing intermittently

    When I unlock/open my 2013 Escape SE (1.6l engine), typically the blower will blow for about a second then stop. About a minute will pass and the blower will do it again. This will occur 2-3 times. All of this happens without the key in the switch or the car started. Occasionally the blower will blow like this when I turn off the Escape. Is this a design feature or a bug?
  11. New Ford Escape Multicultural Campaign Launches with a Twist of Sophisticated Humor and a Push to Get ‘Brand New’ Ford launches a new multicultural advertising campaign for the 2013 Ford Escape called “Brand New” The campaign features TV ads, print, radio and digital executions that highlight some of the key features found in the Escape like the available hands-free power liftgate, active park assist and the EcoBoost® engine The campaign takes a comedic, documentary-style approach to engaging consumers and generating brand awareness around the all-new Ford Escape FORD ESCAPE FORUM – Have you ever heard the saying “You’re acting brand new?” If not, you’ll soon learn exactly what that means courtesy of a new multicultural advertising campaign for the all-new 2013 Ford Escape. The campaign, called “Brand New,” includes a 30-second television commercial that debuted last tonight during the season finale of “The Game,” which aired on BET. “With this campaign, we are using a documentary-style approach as a way to engage and encourage consumers to learn more about the Escape,” said Shawn Lollie, Ford manager, Multicultural Marketing. “We created a series of characters who have their lives turned completely upside down once the featured family purchases an all-new Escape. “We wanted to expand upon our past efforts of utilizing comedy, which you saw in our 2011 Ford Explorer multicultural creative campaign, as a way to engage consumers while spotlighting the Escape as a vehicle of change in its owners’ lives,” Lollie adds. The idea behind the campaign was sparked by the concept of being referred to as “brand new.” Brand New, a saying often used in the African American community, refers to a person who has tried something new or who has bettered him or herself in some form or fashion. In this campaign, it also happens to be the African American interpretation of the “Go Further” platform recently announced by Ford. The TV spot, shot in Los Angeles, introduces viewers to the Browns, an African American family taking part in activities like kayaking, surfing, hiking and spelunking shortly after purchasing their Escape. During both the 30-second and 60-second spots, viewers will witness firsthand how owning the Escape can open their eyes to brand-new and exciting experiences. In addition to highlighting the fuel economy of the all-new Ford Escape, the spots will also showcase both the available active park assist and the hands-free power liftgate that allows customers to open the rear liftgate with a simple kick of the foot. The vehicle messages are communicated in the ads through the eyes of Stanley the Gas Attendant, Vince the Valet and the Bag Boy, all of whom have been affected by the Browns’ purchase of the 2013 Escape. The fully integrated campaign includes TV, radio and print ads in addition to a digital execution featuring a series of Web videos on www.ford.com/brandnew. The Web videos will also be found on the Ford Escape YouTube Channel and be highlighted on the Ford Escape Facebook page beginning today. The radio portion of the campaign will air on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” “Steve Harvey Morning Show”and on Radio One stations across the country. In addition to airing on BET, the TV ads will air on TV One, CNN, The Gospel Music Channel, Bravo, TNTand CBS.The print ads will appear in “Black Enterprise,” “Ebony,” “ESSENCE,” “Jet,” “Upscale,” “Uptown,” “Rolling Out,” “Juicy Magazine,” “Sister 2 Sister” and “Vibe Magazine.” Digital execution also includes music video As part of the digital execution for the “Brand New” creative campaign, visitors of www.ford.com/brandnew and the Ford Escape YouTube Channel and Facebook page will be able to check out a music video featuring the Bag Boyz who will rap about the hands-free power liftgate in a song titled “Kick It.” The original song, which takes its cue from old-school hip-hop music, is an ode to the Escape and the technology that opens up the liftgate with a simple kick of the foot. “We are constantly looking for unique ways to introduce our product to consumers,” said Lollie. “This campaign is a real testament to how you can creatively use comedy and documentary-style approaches to appeal to your target consumers while simultaneously introducing them to the unique features of a new product.” The entire advertising campaign was created by The UniWorld Group, Ford’s African American advertising agency of record. To learn more about the new Ford Escape and to check out the “Brand New” TV spot and digital campaign, log on to www.ford.com/brandnew. To view the new 60-second TV Spot, click here.