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Found 4 results

  1. Replacing a 2011 radio with exact model # from same year model. Does the radio have to be reprogrammed at stealership ?
  2. Factory radio in my 2012 Escape XLT: Radio buttons, volume and tune dials all dark and not working. Radio still works with the sterring wheel buttons. Been told a bunch of different things that are the cause, but don't want to start replacing everything behind the dash for one simple part. Fuses all seem ok. Anyone have a clue on the correct culprit? Open for any diagnosis suggestions as well. Climate control buttons all work fine. Aaaaugh! A huge thank you to all in advance.
  3. Hello members! I'm looking to add a LOC to my radio. so I can add a amp. My problem is I have no diagram to reference. google has been no help after searching for hours. Can only find ones for 2013 and lower. when I pull the radio none of these wires are matching up to 2013 or any other diagram I can find. I need to locate: 12v constant Ground ( I will find a ground my self) Rear right +/- Rear left +/- Thanks for any help you might have! 😀
  4. I (my wife) have a 08 Escape XLT AWD, and the radio/clock display has died. It started fading in/out, and then just died all together. I have located a replacement unit, but am not sure how to start taking the dash apart to get to it. Any ideas how to do it without breaking the plastic bezels, and are there any things to watch out for? I don't drive the car too often, but when I do, I hate having things that don't work.