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Found 2 results

  1. Duhbee

    Panoramic Sun Roof Insulation

    Hi this is my first time posting, have a question about my 2019 Escape and wondered if anyone had an answer. I purchased my Escape in January this year, it was 20 below and had no issue with the sunroof, but the first warm days here in Central Illinois I noticed that the sun roof screen has no insulation, so when I get in the vehicle from about shoulders up it is like an oven, and takes forever to cool down. Has anyone else had this issue and did you come up with a fix? This is my second Escape, my first was a 2010 it lasted 10 years, still running, and never had an issue with anything, so when i looked for a vehicle I knew what I wanted.
  2. I have a 2018 Titanium. My moon roof function only raises the glass about a 1/4". I thought I had a defect. Took it into a dealership to have them check it out. They showed me a 2019 Titanium that did the same thing, thus it was designed that way. Everything moon roof that I ever had the glass would rise at least a couple of inches. Any feedback on this issue?