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Found 2 results

  1. So I've reviewed most of the posting and answered a few. I didn't see this particular issue so I am hoping that someone out there in the world of bits and bytes has at least something that I can check out. To begin with, I have a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid with 148,000 miles on it. It runs great, no problems there. A few weeks back, I replace both the front and rear axle bearings and the all of the ball joints both front and rear. I have also just in the past two weeks replace the front struts. Then last week, I took it to get new tires put on and a few days after that, I started getting this grinding/rubbing type noise when I turned to the left. It didn't seem to be too bad. However, this week, it has gone haywire. It grinds/rubs at any effort to turning left. I did notice that it seems to do it more on acceleration that it does if I just let the car coast. There is no noise going straight down the road. I can run at 80 MPH down the interstate with no problems. I'm going to take it back to the tire installation site and let them look at it. I have checked all the linkages under the front and everything seems to be nice and snug. I did a double check with the torque wrench and everything is still at spec for torque. I have also checked the dust pan that is on the front brakes thinking it might have gotten bent or something. That is fine. I've jumped up and down to make sure that the struts are okay. I'm starting to pull out what hair I have left. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi All, I hope I'm doing this correctly? It's my first post after years of viewing other posts! :-) I have a 2001 V6 Ford Escape, which is on close to its last legs. She's a complete dog, if I'm being honest - 200,000 miles on the clock! But due to financial constraints, I keep it running doing usually my own mechanical work, rather than upgrading to a more reliable newer car. Currently, it's making a weird sound, that I hoped someone might know something about?? The car makes a weird, fairly loud groaning/creaking kind of sound whenever I turn left (it's not a full lock hard left turn thing - it does it even on half a turn, if the speed is about between say 10 and 25 miles an hour). There are quite a few undiagnosed oil leaks around the engine, if that makes a difference to the below points? Some details: It only makes this creaking noise under load - ie when accelerating a little bit round or through a corner, at a minimum of say 10 mph speed The noise STOPS IMMEDIATELY if I keep the accelerator down but knock the column auto stickshift into "neutral" - in other words, if the revs are still up but the gearbox is instantly taken out of the equation, the sound instantly disappears It does it quite a bit more when the car is warmed up than when it's cold It ONLY does it turning left - NEVER right The car needs to be cornering under a little load - 2 miles an hour won't replicate it, but around 10 and up will. It doesn't occur at all if I am stopped and just spin the steering wheel full lock in either direction - it only does it when I'm driving forward AND when the gearbox is engaged in drive or other gears. So it seems not to be a steering box issue, as that works fine when stopped and just spinning the steering wheel - no groans. It does it in all the auto gears, not just drive. It sounds like creaking shockies/suspension, but due to the fact that it ONLY does it when the gearbox is engaged, it must be gearbox related, do you think? When I knock it all of a sudden into neutral under slight accelerator load, the noise instantly disappears. Any advice at all would be very much appreciated, thank you, from Australia! StuMur