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Parasitic Draw???

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My wife's 2012 Ford Escape has been having battery issues.  If left off overnight or for several hours the battery dies.  I had the battery checked twice at Advance and it checked good both times.  Additionally, the alternator is good.  I tied my multimeter in series with the negative lead terminal and it's pulling 1.3 to 1.5 amps when off.  Then I pulled each fuse one at a time in the panel on the passenger side of the center console and checked the current draw.  The only 2 fuses that showed a significant difference were in positions 26 and 39 (Instrument Panel Cluster and Radio/Radio Amplifier respectively).  When pulling these the current draw dropped to around 1 amp.  I should mention that everything that I could turn off was off while I was checking the current draw (i.e. interior lights, radio, key out of ignition, and so on).


2 Questions:


1.  Do the current drops on the instrument panel cluster and radio seem normal, or does it point to an issue with one or both of these circuits?


2.  Is there something else that could be pulling current from the battery?


Thanks in advance for your help!   

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If you leave the battery disconnected for a few days, does it still hold its full charge?

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