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Engine Fan Runs @ Max Constantly

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I have noticed that my vehicles engine fan runs at max speed (and is very loud) all the time. Regardless of outside temperature, engine temperature, climate control settings, etc. It runs like that from the second I turn it on until I shut it off. 


I have done some research online and found that people with a similar concern have been told that it could possibly be either the Coolant Temperature Sensor and/or Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor. I know that it could be a wide variety of issues, however it seemed as though these were common (and relatively easy) solutions. Does anything think either/both of these could be the problem? If so, please direct me to the proper part and instructions/video on how to install the new parts.


I would much rather spend ~$50 for two parts than screw around taking it in. If my attempts dont work, at least I know that I have 2 new parts in there. Or is this not really anything that I should worry about?



Additionally, my climate control settings dont all work. And I have found through research that I need to replace the blower resistor. Would this have any impact on the engine fan?



Thank you in advance so much for your help.


I drive a 2012 Ford Escape XLT 3.0L V6

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Hi there,

Mmmm Sorry for the delay in replying but at that time my problem was related to the compressor clutch kicking in for no apparent reason.
Now, today...I have the same problem as you had.... Both AC Condenser Fan and the Engine cooling fan both run at full speed when the car is started.
Even when the engine is cold and with the AC Off. (The intermittent engaging of the AC Compressor clutch is still happening.)
I am reluctant to take it to a dealer.  (I have been ripped off recently by the company  who changed my tires, they damaged a tire pressure sensor, although they denied it initially, they have since admitted they must have but say the local Ford Dealer does not know how to rectify it!)

Anyway... did you locate the cause of the incorrect fan operation? Be grateful if you could advise!

(As regards the blower (cabin) motor & its "speed" resistor: It should have NO effect on the engine fan(s) operation.
I replaced a blower motor in a Kia recently, after first suspecting the resistor...but the resistor had continuity over its terminals, so it had to be the motor...brushes worn out, as evidenced by the amount of carbon/copper dust that came out of it!)

Kind regards,

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