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Escape Newby from Chicago Area

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Hello. I'm registering on the forum here to gain a little knowledge about the Escape. Recently, my  Ford Focus died, and I didn't want a small car again, so I found a clean 2001 Ford Escape XLT 4x4. I'm an ex Ford mechanic, been out of the dealer seen as a tech since 2003. I'll be asking a ton of questions, as I'm trying to get all the bugs worked out on my truck. I really wanted a 2013 Ecoboost Escape, but I have a wife who is a full time student in nursing school, and 3 childeren who attend private catholic school, so tuition for all 4 of them has my funds tied up at the moment. I'm pretty knowlegable on anything automotive, and I work for Navistar (Engine Test Technician). So this is my intro.

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