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Ford Escape '08 - Transmission Issue????

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Hi All,


I have a 2008 Ford Escape FWD that just reached 200km.  Two days ago, the "wrench" light came up on the dash, and I am noticing acceleration issues...


From a dead stop, ill press the accelerator and the engine will rev up to 2000-3000rpm, but the car is slow to accelerate. Then when I let go of the accelerator, the car will switch to the next gear, and everything will be fine.  This happens everytime the car goes from dead stop to the first gear.


I searched my VIN and there were no recalls for my model/year, but was seeing a lot of similar issues for 2009 and higher years with something called "Throttle Body" but I have an 2008 model. 


I hope its not an expensive issue.

please help!!!!


thx in advance.

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