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a few questions about my '01 escape

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just downsized to a '01 beige ecape xlt, from a '99 expedition xlt. My escape has leather and a sunroof and has 129k miles. Anyways I was wondering where could i get one of those roof racks that are on the nissan xterra's ? I have seen them on Google but I can’t find them. Also what can i do to my escape to get a little more power out of it. K&N intake system ? superchip ? I don’t really want an aftermarket exhaust because v6's don’t sound good with them. Anything i need to look out for on these suv's ? Only thing i have to do is change out my serpentine belt, its dry cracked and i suspect that's why it sometimes idles like crap and almost feels like it’s going to stall in traffic. Yesterday morning i let it warm up for a little bit and it was idling horribly and the lights were flickering, so I’m guessing the belt is slipping?

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I bought a high milage 2001 escape xlt 3.0 for the soul purpose of driving it on the beach out here on the wa. coast so i did a few things to it to help it in deep sand and mud...1 1\2 inch leveling and lift kit, 1 inch wheel spacers new suspension all the way around, 16 inch mud and snow tires on the stock wheels and off road lights. I also replaced the valve cover and intake gaskets and replaced the coil packs and spark plugs. As far as actualy modifying the motor to get more hp out of it i dont know i suppose a cold intake wouldnt hurt and guys are modifying ford escorts with the 3.0 wich is basically the same motor

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