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One Fob Key For Multiple Ford Vehicles?

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I previously had a 2012 Escape and a 2003 Explorer and was able to program the fob key of the Escape to the Explorer allowing that fob to control both vehicles eliminating the need for the Explorer's original keychain FOB (less bulk in my pocket).  I recently added a 2009 Escape for my daughter and replaced the 2003 Explorer with a 2013 model.  I had regular PATS (chip) keys made for each vehicle planning to once again program the FOB key for one vehicle to handle all 3 vehicles to avoid needing the large FOB keys for all 3 on my keyring.  However, the procedure for programming a FOB on the 2009 Escape will not add a FOB to the vehicle, and pressing a button on the remote simply causes the horn to blow as if to indicate it sees the FOB but will not accept it.


It seems like the only way to add a FOB is to program a FOB key to the car by following the alternate add key procedure and not through the add FOB procedure.  Anyone have any luck programming another Ford's FOB key to operate the locks on their Escape while using a chip key to operate the ignition?  Is there an alternate procedure for the FOB programming that I have not found?


FORD remote key fob programming instructions -


Procedure seems to work as shown through the 8 key cycles and the locks cycling on the 8th turn to ON position, but the key press of a FOB key button at that point blows horn instead of activating locks as shown in the video.


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