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No key ignition lock cylinder removal

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New guy here- heres the scenario-


      Bought a 2004 Escape at an IAA auction. Wrecked but runs. Just using it as a "yard cart" to drive around on my property. Some rotten bastard took it for a joy ride and left it down the street. And took the key. Go figure...


 Sooooo..... I'm just wanting to figure out the best way to pull the lock cylinder so i can start it with a screwdriver or something . It has the "put your foot on the brake to shift into gear" feature, so I don't want to create multiple problems by mangling the ingition. I only paid $150.00 for it, so I don't care to create a complete pain in the butt. I'll smash it with my front end loader and bury it before making mysself a $150.00 headache and go buy another beater. I just don't need the stress. If anyone knows a way to make it easy for me, it would save me from having a Ford Escape funeral service, although Stompering it with my 988 does sound kinda fun right now! :shift: Thanks for your input!  JB

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