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Transmission not engaging

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I may have wrote my problem in the wrong topic (duratec 3.0L) so I'll state it here.


My 2005 Ford escape V6. The automatic transmission disengaged while driving home. The car has 98,000 miles on it. I bought it in 2009 with 52,000. It was in mint condition and I kept it that way. The engine and the transmission always ran like a Rolls Royce. 8 months ago I changed all 6 ignition coils and spark plugs using Ford Factory parts, and have had no problems since, until today, Monday, March 19,2018. All of a sudden the trans disengaged. I HAD To SHUT IT OFF and restart it four times to engage the trans to drive it home. Each time i restarted i could drive it a block or two before the trans would slipp again and disengage.


Could this be a torque converter problem, or a sensor problem?


Any help would be appreciated, thank you for

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I am having similar issue with my 14... Did you find anything?

i am being told a bad pump... But why does it reset after I shut it off


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