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Burning smell on a 08 Escape Limited

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Help! I do not have a problem yet [?] however, on the 08 Escape after driving a few miles, there is what I would characterize as either an electronic burning smell....sometimes perhaps a bit of old oil smell [?] which comes and goes. Vehicle has ~102k miles. All electrical and fluid systems are operating satis. No overheating, nothing dropping out. Everything works well, no odor inside the cabin....just outside in the front hood area. Open the hood, everything appears fine. We drove it about a thousand miles over the holidays....again, the odor comes and goes. No smoke, no drips, nothing seemingly "heading south"

Has anyone had a similar problem? Can you enlighten me as to possible causes....at times I suspect the alternator, but cannot locallize the problem. 



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I get the same thing on my 08 and I’ve noticed it always happens after an oil change. On my 3.0L V6, the oil filter is located at the front of the engine above the front exhaust manifold. It is very difficult to change the oil filter without getting some oil on the exh manifold. 

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